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Thursday, June 07, 2007

After reading Becky's constructive outburst
I have thought a little about my own situation. I have drawn no other conclusion than that ,for me , the rules that dictate one side of my persona seem to dictate the other, no matter what guise, because essentially they the the same entity.
The id cannot be just pushed aside & replaced by some alternative at the drop of a hat.
I don't profess to wanting to push myself, publicly further out of my comfort zone, but nor do I deny the more latent of my desires.

Truth is though, the chronically shy part of me keeps the other in check.
,but this is not confined to Lara, this is me as a whole. The artist & musician in me has also always wanted to step forward.
So do I shout about all the things I want to do, hold my head up & announce myself to the world? Well no.
Do I want to shrink away & hide?
No either.
I do wish to find a natural balance.

For now I have a mild saving grace in SL .
I'm accepted for what I am of the face of things.
I can be the me that me wont let me be without worry & disappearing if I get spooked.


Pandora Caitiff said...

From the way you've worded your post it definitely seems like you're "doing it right" as defined by your own boundaries.

I certainly wouldn't class you as a vapourtranny.

Continue doing what makes you happy, whether its dressing or playing in SL.

Lesa said...

You write very well.