...lucky to have

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I have spent my extended four day weekend wandering.
Just walking & walking & walking and walking.

Oh my god you would think, what a waste.
For me this could not have been further from the truth.

It's been one of those odd few days where Iv'e managed to get away from my life.
Not rushing around , no pressure to be somewhere or do something for someone.
To fix something , to draw something , to meet my own self imposed deadlines.
No plans.

Just walking with empty thoughts & sitting with reflection.

I sat amongst the dunes of Blakeney point , playground of a pretty happy time in my child hood.
The wind still , the air cool, yet warm in the sand & grass.
Looking out over the flooded salt marshes, light glinting off the water as the high tide started to ebb.
Not even the sound of the sea crashing behind the dune and only the odd squeal of a bird to break the moment.

I should remind myself to stop more often. To do nothing. To enjoy what I have around me. To indulge it for it's own sake.

I feel better for it.